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recorded at Flat Black studios by Luke Tweedy Feb. 09' to June 10'. mixed and mastered by Luke Tweedy and BKTYN.


released July 28, 2010



all rights reserved



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I've been watching i said i've forgotten something
I said I forgot is, I said I forgot
A dead end story
i said that i forgot it all said i forgot it all said i forgot it all said - - Go! wait... is that the
start of other somethings; I forgot it all said
I forgot it all
in a padded cell well you'll be there
that's what it's all about
we ask that you just remain seated
and sit back- i am your agent, and we know,
yeah we know you're so sick with it and always be, always
will be, bending back your hand is totally cool now, it's totally up in the air where we go next
it's all up in the air now, but you're just totally sick, all
dropped in a row, and it goes"
"it's all up in the air, we don't know yet"
well, bring it up front, back down, and in an hour or two we'll be downtown
and sick of the house; we tried to build it down without any wood
and cut to the point, we tried to build a house without any wood
as a run on the bank, we tried to build a house without any wood
please forget the hands, now that your minds mixed understand we knew it about you... we're free now, and we salute the burning system of scribes
Track Name: Grampa Writes for Rolling Stone
all hail the battered and bruised
i descend for sons of those; angered and over the throne
but what we don't know is: I have ten seconds of bad road,
will i save it or spend it again?
what's left that's better than them?
"i'll speak for free, because not one among them can see what's moving against me!" with all his strength he said:

"i worked this crew, walked for 50 miles a day"
"I was there when they rolled that giant stone away"

see, this is what he said:
"I am in charge of the living and the dead"
"I am in charge, just like i have always said"

no. cut it out. shut it down.
It's manifesting in an older, wait, isn't it? it's a spastic ground, but it's a good sound, manifest of the age old sound, it's an extra pound, it's more weight and it's already SO DENSE, we leash it up and walk it around, you never saw anything like this in your home town, waht was that sound in your home town, we have cut it down, down and ready to ground!
what's that? that son of a gun, enough support enough revelry,
this is your enemy
this is your enemy
this is your NME
this is your NME
Track Name: Fugue State
whoops i guess they got deleted. will post soon.
Track Name: You Are Better Than Me
I believe there is a moment in time here, I'm braced for the receipt of peace!

Did you go with small Eifel, how can I ask this,
"where everyone quits and no one gives a shit?"

Isaac barely got up and got out of that canal:

"It's spreading around you like we all move, we know it's always band, no it's always bad, know it's always bad."

got up and got out now, in a hurry, this isn't nothing for the real cop on the beat, and there's a bravery that you'll find there on the road, you've gotten used up before getting old, let's try it in a round now:

"pull it over your face right now, no, straight down, no wait, you need to pull it over, no down, over, your face, you have to pull it down, no, DOWN over your face"

OVER YOUR FACE (for emphasis)

when I strike them out, you know what that's like
Striked out, you know what that's about, Juan
come on through, coming down
Track Name: For Your Life
Track Name: Gettin' That Healthcare, Son.
Track Name: Walk Out
Old friends are gone today, we're pressing outward in outward ways
Old friends are gone today, but only in old ways
There's a lot of disdain anyway, yeah, we got a lot of that
A lot of that to get in the way, it's so hard to tax that
Wrought from nothing, i'm surprised we're even here,
It is a foil for failure, or all our fears as we make our way down the back, I forget there isn't one line that we could pay for that, no it's NOTHING LIKE THAT anyway I dig your honesty, your anger says react:
Gotta move back now, it's not over so for seventy hours you don't move it, or now you're full, you're yearning for some action on the back well there is no one here there is no one here

And stolen from me: I said life bends backwards, farther still, and so it should be, get your admiration for free
So send it to me, cross those t's so I I can see you've written all back now, proven admiration for free
It's back now, with it's arms inside of me, crushing it back now, you stole admiration from me, for free

would you believe that all of this is backwards?
make believe that you won't get wasted again.
I walked backwards for miles, just between, yours and me.
walk out.
Track Name: Lego Brand Building Blocks
All heads of state are forming around me, I have passed the bill!
All lover shouts get stuffed aloud we pitched them down and struck them out, We stuck out our dictates for a brand new government!
We'll take your laws and melt them down, well i think there's some new here
as in any race, it's always about me!
I guarantee you'll hear our sound, like cigarettes get sucked around you can hear us shutting down
all our bills were excused, but I bet you'll get shut down